Software Development

Development services

Hydrogard PLC software developers & coding specialists

Our software development team design and implement bespoke commercial software and business related apps, if you can think it, we can develop it.

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Secure Database Solutions

Hydrogard PLC secure database solutions & coding specialists

Secure Database Solutions designed and developed to stop the theft of your customer data. Imagine someone stealing your information how devastated would you be.

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Secure Digital Signature

Hydrogard PLC Secure Digital Signature

When someone steals your identity it is like a personal invasion. It's hard to understand why, more importantly how do you stop it  happening again? Using a secure digital signature can protect you forever.

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Geo Cities Web Search

Hydrogard PLC GEO CITIES software SEO & coding specialists

A search engine optimization tool that we have developed to get you into the top four of a internet browser search. This is not Ad Words and offers a much more comprehensive reporting system than most other SEO packages.

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Manufacturer's Live Subsidy

Hydrogard PLC MLS Sales software & coding specialists

When your sales people need help to close the sale, you need the MLS sales software. Designed for use in the Home Improvement direct sales industry, developed to increase the performance of every sales person by at least 20% and it's free for Companies.

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Coming Soon...

Hydrogard are always looking for the next project and software product that can enhance both commercial and consumer lifestyles. 

We have a phenomenal product that is under development and in the process of trademark registration, we will release further information once this stage has been successfully passed

Software and App Development

 A website is the sales brochure for your business, whether you are a sole trader, a small company or trading from home, whatever it is you do, a professional website can increase your turnover. A website is the window to your world, it can be static with words and images, it can be moving with video, it can have scrolling text features, in-short, your website can be whatever you want it to be and we can design it for you.

App Deveelopment

Using our own in-house coders, we can provide you with an App  for your business, we can develop software for your business. We have experienced coders who have over 35 years in software development alongside our youthful university graduates. If you require bespoke software, an App or something as basic as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system built for your specific needs, then we have the staff with the knowledge and the capability to deliver on that project.